Grace is a singer-songwriter who recently moved to Nashville, TN, from her native state of Michigan. Throughout her childhood, family gatherings revolved around harmonizing to folk songs with acoustic guitar accompaniment and ever since, music has run through her veins. Patty Griffin, Allison Krauss, and Gillian Welch were household favorites and have continued to inspire this young indie artist’s musical style. She has been writing her own songs from age 14, when she picked up the guitar to keep up with her family.

 “I love how thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be expressed so clearly through song. Music speaks to the soul in ways words alone could never achieve. Since I was little, music brought me to life like nothing else could. But I never imagined myself pursuing it as a career - honestly, it never even crossed my mind.”

It was during her college years where she began to understand music would impact her life more than anticipated: “It was then that I realized I wanted to be known for writing songs that breathed meaning, light, and hope into the lives of the broken. We all know life can be hard and messy and sometimes you just want to know you are not the only one.”
In 2015, she independently released her first EP, Beautiful Mercy. Influenced by the strong and soulful women of folk music, Grace's songs reflect their familiar themes of sorrow, hope, and faith. Through her uniquely serene, yet honestly raw vocals, this artist creates music that is both timeless and authentic.

For Grace, the draw of music is its exceptional ability to kindle hope and the faith that, even in our darkest moments, we are not alone. She plays with a depth of understanding and wisdom rare in someone so young, leaving the listener feeling connected to not only to her music, but to her heart as well. “I have always tried to be the real me, both on and off the stage. Whether it’s through the lyrics or speaking between songs, I do my best to be as authentic as possible. I firmly believe music is the universal language that breaks down walls to unites us all. And that is exactly why I do it.”

In 2014, Grace co-founded Songs Against Slavery (SAS), a nonprofit fighting sex trafficking in the United States by raising money and awareness through benefit concerts. In the last two years, they have produced 27 benefit concerts in eight states and raised over $200,000 to aid in fight against sex trafficking. She now works full-time as the Director of Artist Relations for SAS in Nashville and remains passionate about having SAS as the platform in her musical career. Grace is currently in the studio working on EP 2 which will be released in the Spring of 2017.